Garlic Presses           

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Garlic Mate


Easy way to crush and store garlic. Unpeeled garlic may be stored indefinitely in the storage container within the pressing core. Crushed cloves may be stored for one week in a refrigerator. Instructions. Unscrew and remove pressing core. Insert peeled cloves in the open tube and replace pressing core. Screw in core to crush cloves. The top cap and base can be unclipped and combined together for storage of crushed garlic. To clean. detach all parts and wash in warm soapy water.

Code 3634

Garlic Press & Slicer


2-in-1 tool features dual chambers for pressing or slicing garlic cloves. Includes two-sided cleaning attachment. Dishwasher safe.

Code B8642

Garlic Press 'Susi 3' with Cleaner Zyliss


Susi 3 Garlic press. Extra large hopper. Removes skin without mess, no need to peel the garlic! Integrated cleaning tool, push to remove from handle. Steady throughput of garlic. Dishwasher safe, hand wash recommended.

Code 1402

Jumbo Garlic Press - White


Metaltex Large Garlic Press. Easily presses several garlic cloves at the same time. Eith stainless steel removable insert for easy cleaning. Remove all skin from the garlic cloves before pressing.

Code M251418

S/S Double Garlic Press


Heavy Duty sturdy Stainless Steel Garlic Press and Garlic Cutter. Simple swivel mechanism allows for either pressing or cutting. To clean the garlic press lift the lever to expose the holes and slide the detachable plastic prongs free (stored on the handle) to then clear any residue from the holes. The Garlic cutters can also be detached for easy cleaning. This is a beautiful tool which feels comfortable to hold.

Code LEE2313


Zinc Alloy Garlic Press (Pearl Finish)


 Deluxe Garlic Press. Soft touch grip. Spikes push the garlic right through the holes. Use your d.line garlic press for the full natural flavour of fresh garlic. Jars or tubes of minced garlic are not exact flavour substitutes for freshly crushed garlic as additives such as acids, oils,, salt or potassium sorbate are used to help preserve the garlic. These packaged products also have a much milder flavour and the additives used can impart potentially unwanted flavours such as tanginess and saltiness to your food.

Code 3631